Rutgers University Student Instructional Rating
(Online Survey)
Hoeft Alexandra
Spring 2016, 01:640:251:11 — MULTIVARIABLE CALC (index #00305)
Enrollment= 30, Responses= 24

Part A: University-wide Questions:
Student Responses Weighted Means
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Section Course Level Dept
1. The instructor was prepared for class and presented the material in an organized manner. 0 0 0 0 24 0 5.00 4.49 4.39 4.42
2. The instructor responded effectively to student comments and questions. 0 0 0 0 24 0 5.00 4.45 4.37 4.35
3. The instructor generated interest in the course material. 0 0 1 2 21 0 4.83 4.30 4.15 4.18
4. The instructor had a positive attitude toward assisting all students in understanding course material. 0 0 0 1 23 0 4.96 4.59 4.47 4.44
5. The instructor assigned grades fairly. 0 0 0 2 22 0 4.92 4.41 4.35 4.31
6. The instructional methods encouraged student learning. 0 0 0 1 23 0 4.96 4.25 4.15 4.15
7. I learned a great deal in this course. 0 0 1 1 22 0 4.88 4.30 4.20 4.17
8. I had a strong prior interest in the subject matter and wanted to take this course. 0 1 1 4 18 0 4.63 4.06 3.96 3.67
9. I rate the teaching effectiveness of the instructor as: 0 0 0 2 22 0 4.92 4.29 4.18 4.18
10. I rate the overall quality of the course as: 0 0 1 5 18 0 4.71 4.21 4.11 4.05

What do you like best about this course?:

This recitation was the reason I enjoyed Multivariable and allowed me to learn. The very structured set up of her class was perfect. The warmup helped me review the concepts of last week's lecture and then help me prepare for the quiz. She taught the fundamentals before moving onto the hard problems.

She was a great TA, I wish all my TA's were this prepared and organized

For recitation, I loved the set up Alexi used I think it really helped all the students and me especially

The best part of recitation with Alexi were the warm up problems that we did. This part of the recitation allowed for the class to review what material we had learned over the week and to reinforce the concepts by doing more problems that would better allow us to learn the material and be able to quickly recall it by consolidating the knowledge into one class period.

Have warm up!

The well defined structure of class every week

I thought Alexi did a great job going over the material during our recitations. She definitely helped me understand and clarify the material which I was a bit confused about.

Alexi helped me understand most of the material in Calc 3 and went at a very good pace. She made examples that would allow the class to thoroughly understand the material that we went over in lecture the past week.

Very nice and positive, always tried helping the students

Alexi was very enthusiastic about the material and generated a lot if interest in the subject.Alexi truly made the course a very memorable experience.

Things taught in lecture were clarified very well in this class.

Very engaging in class

The process that solves the problem is very clear.

I liked learning more calculus.

How Alexi was very enthusiastic and energetic, she helped alot!

You r teaching

Very kind and helpful TA

If you were teaching this course, what would you do differently?:

I wish there was more time to do examples or go over homework. However, there is no part I would give up. So i guess she has it down pretty well.


Nothing, recitation was fairly great.

Teaching how to solve the exercise.

More time of reviewing question before exams

I wish we had group activities to do during our recitations. Not that I didn't learn in recitation, but I just feel if I had some time to work out problems with other students I could have grasped the material quicker than I would be able to if I was doing the problems myself and reading the book.

Nothing to be honest


Nothing; Alexi taught the course perfectly.

I would do more examples from the book.


I may give more examples about chapter 17 and 16



In what ways, if any, has this course or the instructor encouraged your intellectual growth and progress?:

She encouraged me to keep trying at problems and it is okay to go to office hours. I was intimidated but going to her was very helpful.

She helped me understand the material and encouraged me to volunteer and ask questions

Alexi is my favorite ta I've had so far. My other tas weren't as exciting and nice as Alexi. She really encourages students to get to know the material

Definitely want to continue studying math as my field of choice in addition to my current major.

It has improved my knowledge of mathematics and showed how it interacts with the real world

She showed us how to approach calculus problems in different ways to end up with the correct answer. I feel this class helped me improve many of the skills which I will need during my career as an Engineer, including logic, reasoning, and problem solving.

To be honest, I would have probably failed every calc exam without her help.

Alexi has taught me that being enthusiastic about the material is a good way to learn because when you are enthusiastic about something it alters brain chemistry which makes it easier to learn something. With this, I feel more capable to suceed in my other courses.

I have more interest in learning deeper mathematics.

Taught me more in recitation than lecture

The warm up questions are great review tools but maybe there should be an extra problem that is a bit more difficult on the warm up to get more practice for the students

the process of solving problems is very clear, so it help me to understand how to solve problems

She was very helpful in going over the things we learned in lecture. She always helped clarify everything that was confusing me.

More interested in math

Other comments or suggestions::

I absolutely loved attending recitation because of her positive attitude, patience, and helpfulness.


Overall it a great course

Stay awesome

Alexi was an amazing TA this semester and I would not trade her for any other TA.

She did a great job clarifying things taught in the lecture, and also showed us other ways to picture what we learned.

I liked how the recitation was set up with warm ups in the beginning to refresh the materials before the quiz